Vendor Spotlight: Buddha’s Brew Kombucha

Buddha’s Brew Kombucha was born from the farmer‘s markets of Austin over 14 years ago! What began as a booth, grew into a beautiful brewery by the greenbelt. Feeling the demand intensify and wanting to provide a super healthy drink, Kimberly teamed up with John-Paxton to start a business. A passion for meditation and spiritual practice, along with Kombucha’s tendency to produce calm whole-body energy, led to the name – Buddha’s Brew. Buddha’s Brew is active, alive, and delicious! They bottle full strength Kombucha, never pasteurizing or filtering living cultures to make it shelf-stable – instead they nourish and celebrate the living cultures. Find their delicious kombucha in seasonal flavors at Lakeline every Saturday and Mueller every Sunday. Pro-tip: You can mix different flavors in your growler to customize it just how you like it! 

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