Texas Farmers’ Market Supports Locavores

And Locavores support local farmers…

Some say you are what you eat. So to be healthy, it’s a no brainer – eat healthy.

Locavores for instance, only buy produce that’s grown close by. The term was coined in 2007, following a large number of individuals desiring to eat within their means (of locally grown foods).

The Benefits of Being a Locavore:

  • Eat less processed foods
  • Less chance of pesticides and chemical fertilizers
  • Obtain better tasting, seasonal and more nutritious foods
  • Establish relationships with farmers, learning about growing practices and food tips
  • Support the local economy

The other advantage of being a Locavore, is that it conforms to an eco-friendly lifestyle. This is because foods are not transported from long distances, which in turn, cuts back on greenhouse gas emissions. Nor are they stored for weeks or months at a time before being sold.

It’s important to note that not all foods chosen in locavorism are organic. The notion lies mainly in eating within the vicinity of residence, and to detach from commercialized groceries.

Of course, not ALL foods are going to be available locally, so the main point is buying local whenever possible or learning to eat what is available seasonally in your area.

There isn’t an official movement or regulatory board yet, as with organic produce. It’s somewhat in its grassroots stage. The spread can be merited to word-of-mouth and social media. Also, many Locavores do indulge in foods outside the realm of their backyards, with chocolates, coffees and the likes.

For those who so happen to live within Central Texas, real local foods are offered at the Texas Farmers’ Markets in the Austin area at Cedar Park (Saturday, 9a-1p) and Round Rock (Sunday,  11a-2:30). The markets provide convenient places to participate in Locavore shopping, without driving from farm to farm in search of quality, fruits, vegetables, artisan cheeses, olives, whey and much more.

The foods that are sourced at our farmers’ markets are the freshest to be found. Grown locally, residents can eat locally, and support their local farmers.

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