Vendor Spotlight: Texas Hill Country Olive Company

Texas Hill Country Olive Company make prized extra-virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar at their facility on their orchard in Dripping Springs. Extra-virgin olive oil is the highest quality olive oil you can buy, and THCOC is proud of their premium quality product. They also offer educational facility tours and a Tuscan-inspired Hill Country events […]

Vendor Spotlight: Munkebo Farm

Munkebo Farm wrings a lot out of goodness out of their one-acre farm. They pasture-raise cattle and pigs, and use their manure to fertilize their produce, creating a closed-loop system. They incorporate permaculture principles and make use of all the natural cycles in an ecosystem to sustainably produce pork, beef, produce, and various kitchen products […]

Vendor Spotlight: Hi-Fi Mycology

Hi-Fi Mycology farms, forages, and produces gourmet and medicinal mushrooms, mushroom powders and tinctures, and other fungal materials. They grow about 1,000 pounds of mushrooms per week from their farm – the only urban mushroom farm in Austin! Their mushrooms move from a hydrated bagged mix where they are sterilized, to an incubation lab where […]

Vendor Spotlight: Austin Kefir Microbrewery

Austin Kefir Microbrewery was founded by Marci Meyers after a friend introduced her to water kefir and its benefits. Water kefir is a natural probiotic made up of living bacteria and yeast, making it great for gut issues such as IBS, or to improve general gut health with each probiotic-packed beverage. Marci began brewing water kefir […]

Vendor Spotlight: Talisman Coffee

Talisman Coffee is a small family-owned business whose passion and love is above all, family, but closely followed by coffee. The team is made up of visionary parents, Sandro and Johanna, the coffee farmers in this whole operation, and the brother-sister duo, Fernando & Jo, who roast and handle the state-side operations. El Talisman is the […]