What are Macronutrients?

What are Macronutrients? By Madelene Sears Many of us have heard growing up that we can better our health and manage our weight by putting together each meal in a way that is balanced. Because we are unique and individualized beings, naturally there are going to be differences in each of our eating behaviors. Learning […]

Market Recipe: Warm Fall Rainbow Salad

Warm Fall Rainbow Salad Guest Chef: Andi Jo Elbel Arbor Trails Healthy Eating Specialist Whole Foods Market Whole Food Market Arbor Trails Healthy Eating Specialist, Andi Jo Elbel, led an enthusiastic gathering of Market Sprouts! on Sunday to prepare this Warm Fall Rainbow Salad. Young market-goers learned how each component of the salad strengthened their […]

Market Sprouts! Healthy Eating Specialist Andi Jo, Arbor Trails’ Whole Foods Market

  Healthy Eating Specialist, Andi Jo, of Arbor Trails’ Whole Foods Market, Austin, will share a “rainbow of color” with our Market Sprouts, ages 10 and under. She will provide hands-on assistance in preparing a healthy dish, while discussing what each vegetable does for healthy bodies. Find out more about Health Starts Here monthly events at […]