What’s So Wrong With Supersizing?

The cliché of supersizing everything, has literally affected the health of many Americans. While huge homes and vehicles provide comfort and plenty of breathing space as a choice for those who can afford these luxuries, what’s so wrong with supersizing foods? For a few cents more, many restaurants provide patrons the option to supersize meals […]

CPFM Market Sprout ~ Hayley

This week’s Market Sprout is Hayley.  She is 4 years old and loves coming to the market.  She told us that her favorite treat at the market is the pops from Mom and Pops.  She couldn’t pick a favorite flavor because she loves them all!  At home Hayley loves to play with her little sister […]

Texas Farmers’ Market Supports Locavores

And Locavores support local farmers… Some say you are what you eat. So to be healthy, it’s a no brainer – eat healthy. Locavores for instance, only buy produce that’s grown close by. The term was coined in 2007, following a large number of individuals desiring to eat within their means (of locally grown foods). […]