Cooking Demonstration with Dishalicious: Saturday, July 21st

Come join us this Saturday, July 21st 10:00am -12:00noon at the Cedar Park Farmers Market for a Summer Cooking Demonstration with Dishalicious Chef Louis Singh.  Chef Singh will be demonstrating how to roast  local seasonal peppers from the market and share some recipes for how to use these wonderful peppers in recipes.      Top […]

Canning & Preserving Local Foods

What’s the point of canning in your home or buying canned foods at a farmer’s market? Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of buying fresh, seasonal, chemical-free foods? Not entirely so. There are numerous ways to can and preserve local, seasonal foods, without adding toxins or chemically-derived preservatives.   Methods of Canning and Preserving Foods Include: […]

Market Mutt ~ Lady Bird

This weeks market mutt is Lady Bird.  Lady Bird is an 11 or 12 year old lab mix.  She was adopted 5 years ago from the Blue Dog Rescue (  Lady Bird’s owners told us that her absolute favorite thing in the world to do is come to the market and get treats at poochie […]

Coconuts – What’s the craze about?

What’s the big deal with coconuts? Coconut water, coconut oil….why is everyone suddenly into it, after centuries of production? Are the contents in the coconut-shell all that it’s cracked up to be? Let’s break it down and take a look. Coconut Water Benefits: Energy – from electrolytes. It’s natural compared to products like Red Bull […]

Texas Farmers’ Market Supports Locavores

And Locavores support local farmers… Some say you are what you eat. So to be healthy, it’s a no brainer – eat healthy. Locavores for instance, only buy produce that’s grown close by. The term was coined in 2007, following a large number of individuals desiring to eat within their means (of locally grown foods). […]