Plastic, The Sun and BPAs

It seems everywhere you turn, there’s news of a new cancer causing substance. Research has shown however, that plastics contain the chemical bisphenol A, which is proven to cause various forms of cancer.

So, just how can you protect the health of yourself  and your family, without feeling overwhelmed? Here’s how:

Tips to Prevent BPA Exposure:

  • If you must use plastics, keep containers out of the sun. BPA leaks into foods and liquids when plastic containers are heated.
  • Avoid placing heated or warm foods in plastic containers.
  • Reduce the consumption of tin canned foods.
  • Use glass to store foods instead of plastic.
  • Eat fresh foods whenever possible.

Another way to protect your family’s health is by shopping for local and seasonal foods. These include meats, poultry, dairy and eggs that do not contain hormones or antibiotics; or fruits and vegetables that have been grown without the use of harmful pesticides.

One of the best ways to source these types of foods is at your local farmers’ market. There is a wide assortment of healthy, wholesome and fresh foods to be found. There are plenty of varieties of foods to be found, which are distinctive in flavors, and completely BPA-free.

Options for BPA-free Foods:

  • Preserved and Canned Foods – including jams, pickles, condiments, salsas, kombucha which are preserved naturally in safe, BPA-free glass jars, liners and lids.
  • Artisan Cheeses – which contain no preservatives, artificial flavors or antibiotics. These cheeses are made from organic, grass-fed cows and goats.
  • Wine, Olive Oil, prepared artisanal foods at the markets.

Scout around the premises of the market. Ask vendors for more information on the source of products if needed, and get on to a healthy start for you and all members of the family.

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