Mueller Farmers’ Market update April 6, 2014

Bernhardt’s Farm has celery, strawberries and spring onions as well as kale, chard, spicy salad mix, spinach.

Engel Farm is bringing lots of strawberries and Brussels sprouts.

engel farms strwberries from high tunnelsHairston Creek Farm will have asparagus, strawberries, green garlic, lettuce, spring onions, kale.

McKemie Homegrown Farm will have asparagus, kale, dehydrated tomatoes, onion, jalapenos

Lone Star Nursery is pleased to bring organic transplants of tomatoes, squash, chard, arugula, cucumber, basil, milkweed, bluebonnets, and more! Get that garden started!

milkweedOrganicare Farms will have EGGS, EGGS, and more EGGS. The girls are in full production right now. Easter is 2 weeks away and we recommend you purchase your eggs this weekend so they will be easier to peel when ready to dye them for Easter egg hunting or making deviled eggs for your Easter meal. We will also have an example of dyed brown eggs.

Cedar Creek Mushroom will have oyster mushrooms

DSCF3151Dai Due Butcher Shop will offer kale sausage, ossabaw pork tinga tacos and shrimp etouffee

Yegua Creek Farms will have mini-pecan pies, blackberry cobbler, fresh pecans, champagne pecans, cajun pecans, chipotle pecans, zesty pecans, jalapeno jelly, caramel pecan popcorn, trail mix – 2 varieties, cookies – 4 kinds, pineapple zucchini bread, banana nut bread, sandwich breads, pecan cutting boards, pecan canes and walking sticks, oven rack tools, and spring and Easter ornaments

New World Gelato starting this week! New World Gelato and Tamale Place are teaming up to offer you Mexican Cobbler! Stop by Tamale Place’s booth and buy any dessert tamale. Tamale Place will give you a coupon for 50 cents off any gelato purchase at New World Gelato’s booth. Heat up your dessert tamale at home, top it with gelato and you’ve got a delicious Mexican Cobbler!

Kiskadee Chocolates will have drinking chocolate and brewing cacao, two rich, chocolaty drinks that are fantastic either hot or cold. Our bean-to-bar chocolate will include cinnamon/cayenne, 60% dark, 85% dark, sea salt/almond, pistachio/dried cherry, and cacao nib. Other chocolate goodies include chocolate dipped truffles, chocolate salami, and a chocolate/hazelnut spread.

Round Rock Honey has freshly bottled, raw, unfiltered honey, 100% beeswax candles, beeswax lip balm

Dos Lunas will have raw artisan cheeses aged 60 days

Mom & Pops will bring you their delicious all natural frozen pops

Prickly Pair Farm will be bringing orange, white and pink snapdragons, anemones, ranunculus, purple & white and black cherry dianthus, and delphiniums

Assured Sharp will be set up early to receive your cutlery. Bring your knives wrapped in a towel to us first, and then shop your favorite vendors. Your knives will be assured sharp when you leave. We will also be collecting yard tools for reconditioning. Your kitchen and yard work made easier by Assured Sharp. Affordable and convenient!

Daily Greens Juice will have their Renew, Vitality, Purity, Rejuvenate juices read more.

Hill Country Texas Olive Oil Company has an event on Saturday

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