Market Update: Saturday, March 31st

I received an email from a shopper wanting to purchase a bushel of tomatoes (53lbs) at the market this week.  I explained that we had hothouse tomatoes but field grown were not available until early May.  She replied that with the rain and warmth tomatoes might be available soon…which made me start thinking about when we would actually have field tomatoes at our market. It is always a race with the farmers to see who can be the first in with sought after vegetables and fruit.  On that note, I thought we might create an award for the first of our farmers bringing us red, ripe field tomatoes to sell at CPF2M.   So, the market will donate a booth space to show our appreciation for his/her hard work and entrepreneurial farming practice.  Be sure to ask your farmer/s about the schedule of ripening veggies and fruit and when they might be bringing field tomatoes to our market.

Asparagus, strawberries, artichokes are some of the vegetables and fruits at the market which indicate the seasonal transition from winter into spring.  The warmth and rain promise an incredible spring harvest and the anticipation of what comes next…

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