Market Sprout – April 7th, 2012

This week our Market Sprout is Stuart.  Stuart told us that he is 8, but almost 9.  When we caught up with him he was snacking on a blueberry scone from Cake and Spoon while he shopped around the market.  At home, Stuart has 2 pet hamsters that he loves to play with.  Their names are Bolt and Sweetie Pie.  Bolt got his name because he loves to run around his tunnels like a bolt of lightening and Sweetie Pie for her personality.  Stuart is currently working on nursing Sweetie Pie back to health after she got a leg injury last week.  We asked Stuart what his favorite thing at the market was and he told us it was the kettle corn from Gold Star Kettle Corn.  Look for Stuart munching around the market again soon!

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