CPFM Market Mutt ~ Jesse

This week’s market mutt is, Jesse, a  3 year old Boston Terrier/Border Collie mix.  Jesse’s owner actually helps run the Lil paws Maltese Rescue.  You maybe wondering, “well, how did she end up with Jesse?”. Three years ago, while browsing Craig’s list Jesse’s owner ran across an ad that said, “Puppy to get rid of.  Will be in back yard. Just come and take her.”. Having a soft spot for dogs, Jesse’s owner went straight over to the address listed and there she was, all alone in the back yard.  Now Jesse spends her days playing with the wonderful Maltese doggies coming through the rescue and getting love and attention. She loves swimming, running, and playing fetch.  Look for Jesse and her owners stocking up on veggies at Johnson’s Backyard Garden, (that’s where we found them) and ask about their wonderful rescue organization.

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