Food Fermentation and Why It’s So Good For You

Are you in a pickle about the best foods to eat for good health? At the Texas Farmer’s Markets, we’re all about supplying foods that are healthy for everyone.

Food fermentation has been around for thousands of years as evidenced by research. It is the process of promoting good bacteria in foods by adding specific ingredients and controlling temperatures to breed these organisms.

As an example, wine is typically made with fruits that are crushed with added yeast. Over time, the fruit ferments and is then strained into wine. The older the wine, the better the taste and quality, which also speaks to fermentation’s ability to change the taste and texture of foods.

Top Reasons Fermented Foods Are Excellent for Health:

  • Digestion – Rich in enzymes, fermented foods aid in constipation and keeping the digestive tract in balance
  • Supplies Good Bacteria – Women who have recurring yeast infections for example need good bacteria in order to balance out bad bacteria and prevent  its overgrowth
  • Increases Vitamin Content – Research shows that fermented foods have a rich supply of vitamins incorporated
  • Preservation – Fermented foods last much longer than non-fermented counterparts
  • Boosts Immunity – Serving like a vaccine, the microorganisms in fermented foods help ward off bad bacteria and illnesses

Apart from wine, other popular types of fermented foods include sauerkraut, kimchee, ketchup, mayonnaise, kefir, pickles, cheese and more.

In the modern Western world, many of the foods consumed are purported as “safe foods”, meaning they’re pasteurized or treated. While nothing’s entirely wrong with these foods, the missing piece of the puzzle for optimal health is balance.

Fermented foods provide healthy tummies for babies, adults and seniors alike.

As with organic foods, fermented foods are widely debated for their pros and cons. One thing remains constant however, and that is the fact that they are excellent foods for digestive health.

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