Vendor Spotlight: Vermillion Farms

⁠Vermillion Farms is owned and operated by Will & Danielle Vermillion. It is a vertical farm in Coupland, TX that is growing 10 acres-worth of produce in a 4,300 square foot greenhouse via aeroponics. It’s a beautiful, brightly lit space bursting with vibrant, healthy produce growing all the way up to the ceiling. The produce […]

Vendor Spotlight: Nut Monkey

Nut Monkey is based in New Braunfels, Texas and values their small batch, cashew cheese combinations that ensure quality and consistency. They make cashew cheese spreads that are dairy-free/vegan 🌱, plant based, include probiotics, and only have 7 ingredients in each flavor! Their cheese is also free of gluten, soy, preservatives, and sugar. Some of […]

Vendor Spotlight: Southpaw Bladeworks

Southpaw Bladeworks was established in 2014. Founder, Lyndon, underwent an apprenticeship more than a decade ago in which he fully realized the value of hand-made and hand-sharpened blades. No automated sharpeners here! He does the work by eye, with quality tools, and the results are expert and high quality. Stop by the Southpaw Bladeworks booth […]

Vendor Spotlight: Que Sazon

⁠Founded on the belief that the right sazón can make you feel at home, Qué Sazón opened its first fonda in Monterrey, Mexico in 1998. Today, re-established in Austin, Texas, Qué Sazón offers salsas and traditional Mexican cuisine favorites. They strive to highlight authentic flavors in everyday meals. Whether you prefer to buy cooked meals […]

Vendor Spotlight: Mercado Sin Nombre

Mercado Sin Nombre is a food and beverage producer from Austin, Texas, specializing in small batch roasted coffee from Mexico and 100% nixtamal tortillas. They highlight the growers, ingredients, and traditions that are a part of their products, both familiar and new. Their hope is for their food and drinks to conjure the rich and […]