Weekly Market Mutt ~ Williamson County Humane Society

This week our Market Mutt is an honorary Market Mutt.  After hearing around the bust of the Puppy Mill in Waco over-flowing the shelters, we wanted to step in and help!  So we headed up to the Williamson County Humane Society to support them since most of our Market Mutt’s have them to thank for their wonderful homes and families.  Last week the Wilco Humane Society took in 15 large dogs from a Waco shelter which made room for 30-40 of the over 100 small dogs that were rescued from the puppy mill bust.
The Wilco Humane Society always has 100-160 dogs to choose from and plenty of cats and kittens as well so you will easily be able to find a pet that is the perfect fit for your family.  Last year they found homes for 2300 animals!  We asked them to share a favorite story to be our honorary market mutt and they shared a story about a Golden Retriever/Lab mix named Shyla.  Shyla was a stray dog that was living on the property of the Humane Society for 5 weeks.  During that times they tried everything to catch her and to find her owner with no success.  Finally they were able to win her trust and put a leash on her.  As soon as they did she completely transformed into a well trained and completely tame dog!  She was checked out by the vet with clean bill of health and within a week she was adopted by a family.  She loves playing and is very happy to be in her new home.
The Wiliamson County Humane Society will be holding a Mega Adoption Fiesta on Cinco de Mayo with all adoptions at only $5.  They are hoping to find homes for 100 pets.  They would like to remind everyone that when you adopt 1 animal you save 2 animals by making room for someone else.  You can also support them by attending their car and bike show on May 19 or volunteering.  Contact them at www.hswc.net or 512 260 3602.

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