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Texas Farmers Market


• Beef labeling information from Consumer Reports


Food Comparison
Vegetables & Fruits by Harvard School of Public Health
Good vs. Bad Carbohydrates video
The World’s Healthiest Foods
Fruits & veggies matter
Best Low-Calorie Fruits and Veggies
Exercise & Nutrition: A Guide to Healthy Living
What are Macronutrients?

Kids’ Nutrition

• Kids eat more vegetables after nutrition lessons, Stanford study finds
8 Super Healthy Foods We Guarantee Your kid will Eat
Good Nutrition for Preschool Children
Nutrition & Fitness for family
Fuel Up to Play 60 – the new home of your favorite games and lessons from Nutrition Explorations
Nutrition for kids: Guidelines for a healthy diet by Mayo Clinic Staff (by age)

How to Eat Ethically and Sustainably

Natural Resources Defense Council’s Eat Green Guide
• Natural Resources Defense Council’s Local Food Systems
What is Missing? Foundation’s What You Can Do to Support Sustainable Agriculture
• World Wildlife Fund’s Food Initiative

Food Preservation

Just a Little Bit Longer: How to Keep All Kinds of Food Fresh
How to Make Sauerkraut
National Center for Home Food Preservation
Food Safety & Health, Wisconsin EDU
The Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking
Video about canning tomatoes; Tomato Sauce and Salsa
Canning 101 video, water bath vs pressure canning

Recommended Films

Food, Inc.
The Greenhorns
King Corn
Dirt! The movie


Homemade refrigerator dill pickle recipe
Sweet and spicy bread and butter pickles
15+ Homemade Pickles To Make
All Recipes for Canning and Preserving
How to Freeze Fruits and Vegetables
From Farm to Table recipes

Recipes for Children to Make

Cooking with Kids: Healthy Recipes to Make with Your Little Chef
Healthy recipes for kids and the whole family
GoodFood, Kids cooking recipes
5 Healthy Recipes that Kids can Make

Seasonal Recipes

Epicurious Seasonal Recipes
EatingWell Seasonal recipes
Katie Webster/healthy seasonal recipes


The World’s Shortest Comprehensive Recycling Guide – Simple, basic, general.
Guide to recycling common materials – Curbside & other commonly recycled materials.
Beyond the curbside – Where to drop-off or “pack and ship” your materials.
Reducing unwanted mail – An easy way to reduce waste and avoid recycling.
Repair – the 4th R in Reduce, Resuse, Recycle

Homemade Cleaning Supplies

How to make homemade cleaning supplies
How to make a non-toxic cleaning kit