Market Mutt ~ Julie

This week’s Market Mutt is Julie.  She is a 4 year old Husky that was left on her owners doorstep in 2009 with nothing but a leash.  Her owner believes that Julie had been abused and it has taken considerable time to help Julie to be a comfortable and happy dog.  Julie’s favorite thing at […]

Market Mutt ~ Autumn

This week’s Market Mutt is Autumn.  She is a 3 year old Whipped/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix.  Autumn was adopted in 2008 from the P.A.W.S. organization in Austin.  We caught up with her by Katz Gourmet Coffee where she was greeting other dogs as they entered the market.  When Autumn isn’t at the market she loves to […]

Texas Farmers’ Market Supports Locavores

And Locavores support local farmers… Some say you are what you eat. So to be healthy, it’s a no brainer – eat healthy. Locavores for instance, only buy produce that’s grown close by. The term was coined in 2007, following a large number of individuals desiring to eat within their means (of locally grown foods). […]

Market Mutt~ Charlie

Our Market Mutt this weekend is Charlie.  He is about a 4 year old poodle mix.  His owners adopted him 2.5 years ago from Roman Grove Animal Shelter.  We met up with him at the Kitchen’s Pride booth.  Charlie’s favorite things to do are sleep, go on walks, and snack on liver treats.  In the […]

Market Update: Sunday, May 13th

Do you know where your food comes from? The Cedar Park and Round Rock Farmers’ Markets know where ours comes from and we know the people who grow it. One of the goals of our market association is to provide information to our customers and help strengthen the bonds between the farmer and the consumer […]