Weekly Market Mutt ~ Williamson County Humane Society

This week our Market Mutt is an honorary Market Mutt.  After hearing around the bust of the Puppy Mill in Waco over-flowing the shelters, we wanted to step in and help!  So we headed up to the Williamson County Humane Society to support them since most of our Market Mutt’s have them to thank for […]

Market Mutt- Saturday, April 9th, 2012

Kenzy is a 7 year old Shitzhu found with no collar 7 months ago by a person with a friend who loves Shitzhus.   Lucky for Kensy when her previous owner could not be found.  It is believed that Kenzy had been abused because she is very nervous around people and has just started to sit […]

Market Update: Saturday, March 31st

I received an email from a shopper wanting to purchase a bushel of tomatoes (53lbs) at the market this week.  I explained that we had hothouse tomatoes but field grown were not available until early May.  She replied that with the rain and warmth tomatoes might be available soon…which made me start thinking about when […]

Market Mutt – Izzy

This week’s Market Mutt at the Cedar Park Farmers Market is thought to be a Golden Retriever/Akita mix named Izzy, adopted 4 years ago from Austin Dog Rescue. Her owners think she is about 8 years old.  The rescue was advertising on Craig’s list with photos and her owner told us that when she saw […]