2018 Workshops

Cacao is Fermented?! Bean to Bar Chocolate Making
By Bob Williamson of SRSLYChocolate
SRSLY Chocolate is bringing their Mobile Chocolate Making Lab to the festival for a deliciously sweet presentation! Workshop attendees will follow Bob through the chocolate making process — even getting to crush and winnow cacao beans and grind them into chocolate.

Cidermaking + Cider Styles from Around the World
By Nick Doughty of Texas Keeper Cider
Nick Doughty, the Texas Keeper Cidermaker, will provide an overview of cidermaking – its basic process, methods, and some of the pitfalls, and walk attendees through cider styles from around the world.

Cheesy Delights 
By Chris Cheatwood of Bakery Lorraine & Emmi Cheese
Discover the basics of cheese fermentation with Emmi Cheese from Switzerland and then learn how to use the cheese in a bakery application from Chef Chris Cheatwood of Bakery Lorraine, opening in Austin this fall.

From Gordito to Flaquito: How Fermented Foods Helped Me in Getting Lean
By Héctor Gonzalez of Abuelita Héctor
Back in 2014, Héctor weighted over 300 lbs and his cholesterol and blood sugar levels were dangerously high. Little by little he has changed his habits and is now under 200 lbs and close to his ideal weight. He used different fermented foods in his regular meals to help him meet his goals. Join him as he shares his routine and experiences in his path to wellness.

Killer Kimchi
By Chef Uyen Pham
In this workshop we will dive into how to make kimchi, a staple in Korean cuisine that is a traditional banchan made from salted and fermented vegetables, most commonly Napa cabbages and Korean radishes. Exploring what it means to preserve with salt, we will also look at the ways this food has been used since the 600’s for medicinal purposes.

Kind of a Big Dill
By Sheena Moore of Sheena’s Pickles
Sheena will be leading a presenter round-table on fermented pickles and answering all your pickle-related questions! Sheena is an avid pickle and jam maker. Based in Austin, Texas, Sheena’s Pickles uses fresh, seasonal and local produce to make pickled yummies and delicious fruit butters.

Sauerkraut Power: Mastering Shredded Veggie Ferments
By Kate Payne of Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking
Unleash your inner kraut prowess and solve all your kraut problems! All attendees will learn methodology, maintenance and lots of fermentation tricks surrounding this age-old culinary tradition.

Sourdough Breads with Heritage Grains
By James A. Brown of Barton Springs Mill and Don Guerra of Barrio Bread.
Baker Don Guerra started Barrio Bread in 2009 and the Community Supported Baker was born. Barrio is Spanish for neighborhood, a name he chose since his neighbors were the lucky recipients of his first Tucson loaves. This sense of community is embedded in every aspect of the business. For miller James A. Brown upon learning there were no viable local options for freshly milled landrace and heritage grains, Brown came up with the concept of starting his own mill. He found farmers who were willing to grow organic heritage grains, as well as sources for seed, and opened Barton Springs Mill for business in January 2017. James and Don will discuss the emerging trends in heritage grains, and their application in slow-fermented breads. 

Take Your Gardening To The Next Level With Home Composting
By Iby Setzer and Ron Neumond of Austin Resource Recovery
Composting is nature’s way of recycling. Rather than sending your fermentation project food scraps to the landfill, you can turn them into a nutrient-rich fertilizer for your plants, garden, or lawn by using a home composting system. This class is part of the City of Austin’s Home Composting Rebate Program. Austin residents who pay the Clean Community Fee on their utility bill qualify for a $75 rebate on any home (and apartment) composting system which includes backyard composters, digesters, and vermi-composting systems. Simply attend a composting class, then apply!

Tips for Brewing Authentic and Alive Kombucha
By Kimberly Lanski & JP Gremillion of Buddha’s Brew
A brief history of kombucha and its benefits, how to brew kombucha and what to look for in a healthy, alive batch of kombucha. Special secrets to a super alive brew. The workshop will include a kombucha tasting. 

Utilizing Animal Protein through Fermentation
By Keith Rzepecki of Emmer & Rye
In restaurants and at home, there is always scraps when utilizing protein. Whether it is shells, bones, trimming from a particular cut, or liquid leftover from curing, there are ways to turn these byproducts into delicious ingredients. Chef Keith from Emmer & Rye will showcase how to use koji as a vessel for protein transformation. Examples will include using meat water waste from the curing process to make aminos; fish sauces/garums; using dried and koji inoculated meat as a miso starter; katsuobushi/pork bushi; aged fish/soy sauces.

Skyre, Labneh and Quark: Yogurt Cheeses!
By Jenna Kelly Landes of Bee Tree Farm & Dairy
Join Jenna of Bee Tree Farm & Dairy to learn about yogurt cheeses! In this presentation, she will talk about the simple ways that folks can make their own yogurts at home and how these types are different from traditional yogurt.


Stay tuned for more workshops and a comprehensive schedule to be posted soon!